This blog is co-written by Laura Molloy (HATII, University of Glasgow), Meik Poschen (MeRC, University of Manchester) and Jonathan Tedds (University of Leicester) in our capacity as Evidence Gatherers for the second iteration of the JISC MRD programme, which kicked off in autumn 2011.  JISC MRD02 is comprised of 27 projects of varying lengths from across the UK higher education sector with various approaches to the planning and implementation of research data management.

As survivors of JISC MRD01, we three evidence gatherers aim to encourage these projects to engage in iterative reporting and discussion between themselves and across the programme.  We hope to do this by keeping up with their blogs, commenting on and promoting posts and drawing out themes emerging from project blogs both here and elsewhere.  In addition, we aim to build up an evidence base of benefits produced by the work of projects and generally develop narratives about and add value to the work of the programme as a whole.  You can read a full description of our role for the programme here: https://mrdevidence.jiscinvolve.org/wp/files/2012/02/JISCMRD-Programme-Evidence-Gatherer-Roles-Final.pdf.

We can all be reached on Twitter or via comments on this blog and actively encourage suggestions and other feedback.

Laura Molloy (@LM_HATII)

Meik Poschen (@MeikPoschen)

Jonathan Tedds (@jtedds)